Virtual Medical Care

Access Doctors 24 hours a day!

icon-circle24 hours / 7 days a week / 365 days a year
icon-circleNo copay
icon-circleNo hidden fees
icon-circleMonthly subscription covers all costs to see a doctor online
icon-circleDoctors are American Board Certified Physicians and bilingual (English - Spanish)
icon-circleVisit Primary Care Doctors by phone or secured video chat
icon-circleVisit Mental and Behavioral Health counselors and therapists
icon-circleSafe up to 80% with our Prescription Discount Card
icon-circleIndividuals: Only $24.95 / mo.
icon-circleCouples: Only $29.95 / mo.
icon-circleFamilies: Only $39.95 / mo.
icon-circleCorporate: Contact us

This landing page is designed by NiN Healthcare and Inc. as a cooperation between the two companies to provide access and visibility to more people in the need of affordable and quality healthcare access.