ABOUT NIN Healthcare

We are the fastest and easiest platform for healthcare professionals to discover and purchase medical devices.

NiN (Need It Now) Healthcare is a Medical Device and Service Marketplace (MDSM), connecting healthcare purchasers with pre-screened medical device vendors at ninhealthcare.com NiN Healthcare allows for a secure, transparent and product qualified environment, where healthcare institutions can browse through 60,000+ products and make an accurate and fast as a click-of-a-mouse clinical purchasing decision. Using NiN Healthcare for your purchasing needs will allow you to reduce multiple sourcing, maximize limited resources, and avoid fly-by-night companies. We are product-centric and our platform empowers for the visibility of key differentiating factors rather than corporate visibility.


Accelerate your purchasing decision with just a fingertip

The fastest and easiest medical device and service marketplace for healthcare professionals

Trusted because we operate on the highest healthcare standards

Efficiency / Cost and time saving / All in one place

Pre-screened vendor process

250+ vendors, small and large

Price transparency