ABOUT NIN Healthcare

We are the fastest and easiest platform for healthcare professionals to discover and purchase medical devices.

NiN (Need It Now) Healthcare is a Medical Device and Service Marketplace (MDSM), connecting healthcare purchasers with pre-screened medical device vendors at ninhealthcare.com NiN Healthcare allows for a secure, transparent and product qualified environment, where healthcare institutions can browse through 60,000+ products and make an accurate and fast as a click-of-a-mouse clinical purchasing decision. Using NiN Healthcare for your purchasing needs will allow you to reduce multiple sourcing, maximize limited resources, and avoid fly-by-night companies. We are product-centric and our platform empowers for the visibility of key differentiating factors rather than corporate visibility.


Accelerate your purchasing decision with just a fingertip

The fastest and easiest medical device and service marketplace for healthcare professionals

Trusted because we operate on the highest healthcare standards

Efficiency / Cost and time saving / All in one place

Pre-screened vendor process

250+ vendors, small and large

Price transparency

Management Team

Bobby Shah
Bobby Shah
Founder, President, and CEO

With an extensive experience in the medical device industry, Bobby Shah has served as the co-founder of Indigo-Orb, and inventor of the Episure syringe for accurate needle placement. He was also the co-founder of vTitan Corp, (acquired 2013).

John Howse, MD
John Howse, MD
Chief Medical Officer

With over thirty years of experience as a Cardiac Anesthesiologist as Kaiser Permanente, Dr. Howse has chaired multiple medical device technology evaluation committees.

Slavisa Dojcinovic
Slavisa Dojcinovic
Chief Technology Officer

Slavisa has over 15 years of experience in software development and management of large IT projects. He is an expert in high-performance web services, infrastructure maintenance, and information security.

Marijana Delac
Marijana Delac
Chief Marketing Officer

Marijana is a forward thinker with a sharp sense to develop the right strategy to position the brand and organization to attain profitable outcomes. She is senior partner at Trout & Partners and has vast experience in managing multicultural teams and has attended clients in industries like health, agriculture, apparel, and food & beverage on three continents.

Mr. Marc Mintz
Mr. Marc Mintz
VP International Business Development

Marc Mintz has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare field and serves as CEO of Rigaliz, LLC. He created an International Services Department at his family-owned business Northern Pharmacy which employs over 185 people which is highly regarded throughout the world for its VIP service. Marc Mintz also recognized the growing opportunities in wearable sensors and began working with VivoSense in 2013 to create the first wearable unit for patient monitoring which allowed real-time patient information from any location in the world by a patient’s doctor, family member or hospital. Marc also played a key role in financing and strategy for VivoSense a data analysis consulting company specializing in wearable sensor physiological monitoring solutions for research and clinical trials. for which he is currently in the role of Senior Executive advisor.


Lalitesh Katragadda

Founder, President, and CEO

Lalitesh Katragadda, an alumnus of IIT-Bombay and a PhD in Robotics from the Carnegie Mellon University, is credited with developing Google Mapmaker, a tool that eventually led to the creation of Google Maps. He joined Google in 2002, when a robotics start-up he had founded in San Francisco was acquired by the search giant. Lalitesh Katragadda later moved to India to set up Google's India operations, the first International Engineering Centre for the Mountain View, California Headquartered Company.

Elder Granger

Major General (retired), MD, FACP, FACPE, CMQ

After 37 years of Military service, Major General Elder Granger retired as the Deputy Director and Program Executive Officer of the TRICARE Management Activity, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs), in Washington, DC, and now consults and advises on healthcare and defense healthcare issues in the public and private sectors. He also led and executed a $19 Billion Dollars Defense Health Program, ensuring high-quality, accessible healthcare for 9.4 Million Uniformed Service members, their families, retirees and others located worldwide.

Martin Gates

Martin Gates is the co-founder and CTO of PayCycle (acquired by Intuit in 2009), and a former Vice- President of Technology at Intuit. He has also served as a Strategic Adviser to technology companies.

Andy Delgesso

Andy DelGesso is a Procurement and Supply Chain Operations executive with expertise in aligning operational excellence and strategic vision. Andy has led successful transformation initiatives across a broad range of industries, including Financial Technology and Healthcare. His experience at one of the largest HMO organizations in the U.S. includes having managed a portfolio of $6B across Medical and IT Technology products and services. He has also been instrumental in driving innovative strategies in the adoption of Telemedicine solutions and Digital Health integration. Andy began his career in global automotive manufacturing, including roles in finance, sourcing, and establishing an overseas support office in Asia.