Ligamax™ Endoscopic Clip Applier

Ligamax™ Endoscopic Clip Applier


The  Ligamax™ 5mm Endoscopic Clip Applier is a sterile, single-patient-use instrument designed to provide ligation of tubular structures or vessels. Use it through an appropriately-sized trocar wherever a metal ligating clip is indicated.

Product Features:

  • Medium/large clip – applied through 5mm incision, 8.8mm closed clip length and on-vessel clip security for confident ligation. Instrument has patented lateral and transverse grooves and contains 15 titanium clips.
  • Long, thin, angled jaws – provide excellent visibility beyond structures and outstanding access. The jaws passively collapse for smooth insertion through a 5mm trocar, and then spring back to open wide.
  • Distal-tip closing – enables control and precise placement and can also partially form a clip to secure a cholangiogram catheter.
  • 360º rotation knob/shaft – Ergonomic design for easy rotation and one-handed jaw orientation
  • Trocar Insertion Line – Indicates proper insertion depth of jaws beyond trocar opening for optimal performance
  • Low clip indicator – Orange indicator shows when 2, 1, and no clips remain
  • Ergonomic Trigger – allows for smooth, controlled firing and audible, tactile ratcheting for control and feedback.
  • Anti-backup – provides control over closure and designed to help prevent clips from dropping.
  • Overload mechanism – added protection for jaws.
  • Last-clip lockout – prevents jaws from closing when out of clips, through tactile feedback when closing trigger.

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