ConFirm® 24 In-Office Biological Monitoring System Product Image

ConFirm® 24 In-Office Biological Monitoring System

Crosstex International Inc

Easy to use and interpret. . . results in just 24 hours! Simply process vial in a normal sterilizer cycle, then activate vial, incubate and record results. If any spores survive the process, the vial medium will turn yellow.

Product Features Include:

  • Fast results in just 24 hours
  • Easy to use - Simply process the vial in a normal sterilizer cycle. Then activate the vial, place in an incubator, and read and record results
  • One of the most cost-effective methods of biological monitoring
  • Complete - Everything you need for effective biological monitoring of steam sterilizers
  • Universal - ConFirm biological indicators can be processed in any appropriate 55-60 degree incubators, including the current 3M Attest Incubator
Item #
Dry Block Incubator, 60°C, 24 Hr In-Office
$ 159.43
$ 159.43
Steam Biological Indicators, 25/bx
$ 62.07
$ 62.07
Steam System Includes: 25 Indicators, Incubator, Record Keeper
$ 255.71
$ 255.71