Need it Now (NiN) Healthcare is the fastest and easiest platform for healthcare professionals to discover and purchase medical devices. NiN Healthcare is the first single-platform medical device and service marketplace on the web - designed from the ground up to centralize and standardize medical device and service data. It is an innovative, premier efficiency tool for connecting physicians, purchasing departments and vendors by bringing the largest network of buyers and sellers together in one place. From discovery to acquisition, this platform allows for faster, better, and easier clinical decision-making.

NiN Healthcare is a source for discovery, education and sourcing of innovative and alternative products related to your specific medical field. Learn what products are being requested for demo at other facilities. Reduce liability from product recall due to lack of product transparency and rogue spending. Simultaneously communicate data between physicians, committees and vendors. Connect with local sales reps in real time. Improve supply chain dynamics with standardized documentation and real time inventory tracking. Increase sales from shorter market penetration time, data analytics with industry insights, R&D pipeline planning, targeting marketing spending and territory planning. NiN Healthcare levels the playing field by offering all device manufacturers and providers the chance to compete in the industry's market.