Clarity Diagnostics

Clarity Diagnostics is a manufacturer and market leader of rapid diagnostic tests, cytology products, diagnostic equipment, and over-the-counter rapid diagnostic tests that are targeted toward the Continuum of Care, Alternate Care, Acute Care, Laboratory, and OTC markets. Clarity's product line includes over 80 primary products which are sold and distributed under its own brand names and supported by its "Rapid Diagnostics" and "Women's Health" sales divisions.

The Clarity line assists healthcare facilities in the following areas: Increasing regulatory compliance, generating revenue through new technology, and reducing operating costs by offering significant savings versus other name brands. The Clarity line of diagnostic solutions includes the following product categories: Cytology Testing, Urinalysis, Laboratory Information Systems / Connectivity Solutions, Infectious Disease, Fertility Testing, Cancer Markers, Drugs of Abuse, Cardiac Markers, and Glucose Testing.